Freshfields Village
Cocktails and French-inspired cuisine prepared with fresh, seasonal, local products.

Vincent's Drug Store & Soda Fountain
An old-fashioned drug store with a lunch counter, prescription drugs and apothecary.

Outside the Gates
Red Sky Grill

Chez Fish Bistro
Cindy's Shrimp & Crab Stand
General Store Deli
Bohicket Marina & Yacht Club
Bohicket Bistro
Pizza, pasta, salads, subs and hot wings.

Fischers Sports Pub

Privateer Restaurant & Sunset Lounge
Casual gourmet dining; seafood specialties; music & dancing; water view, sunsets.

Rosebank Farms Cafe
Local Fare with a Southern Flair
Owner Rental Inquiries 770.998.6630 or 770.998.3415 or fill out Inquiry Form

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